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OUTDOOR Living and Working Spaces need Love as much as our interiors Do...

Hi Family,

Most countries Globally are on the 2020 COVID-19 Lock down, Big up to those President who put the lives of their people before the economy, I hope and Pray you all safe in your Homes with your Loved ones,

Let us use this opportunity to Bond with our loved ones, see this as an opportunity to develop your family culture, where you regularly spend time together, dine and wine each other, Lets create beautiful and practical spaces, cook and share food together make memories with our love ones now and beyond the Lockdown period,

Identify a space where you cap design and put up a beautiful Out door setting for your family to enjoy, beautiful enough to be able to invite your friends after the Lockdown has been lifted,

There are so many cost effective DIY projects that can be undertaken as Family, to make your spaces Beautiful and enjoyable,

I will be posting some of the DIY projects, guiding you step by step on my INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE Chanel

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